Leader of the Ancients. Discover the dark history of Mesa…

Mesa is the main antagonist of Checkpoint. A towering, intimidating inter-dimensional warlord, Mesa’s goal is to establish his rule over the Multiverse.


Mesa and the Cosmic Princess were childhood friends. While the Princess was highly revered and respected throughout the Multiverse as a result of her family ties, Mesa was seen as a nobody.

Over time, Mesa grew a strong resentment towards the Princess. He saw her as everything he could never be. This resentment culminated in a plot to destroy the royal bloodline by burning the Cosmic King’s castle to the ground.

During the fire, Mesa’s face and body were highly scarred. Unaware of his involvement with the fire, the Princess began development on a cybernetic suit for Mesa, alongside a mask to aid his breathing. As Mesa recovered from his injuries, his resentment towards the Princess continued.

Mesa was formally seated on the Cosmic Princess’ council as Head of Strategy. During this time, he and his army built the first Multiversal gateway, the Checkpoint, on Earth under the Princess’ orders. The Princess had intended for these gateways to unite the people of the Multiverse, but Mesa saw them as a way to establish order. Once Mesa’s true nature was revealed, the plans for the gateways were scrapped and Mesa was banished from the council.

Fuelled by revenge, Mesa now seeks to destroy or take over the Multiverse - and he doesn’t mind which.