The bravest Adventurer in the Multiverse - learn more about Steve!

Steve is the protagonist of Checkpoint. A brave, noble hero tasked with helping as many of the Multiverse’s citizens as he can.


As a child, Steve loved to explore and adventure in the forests behind his home. He would write his own stories, pouring his imagination onto the page and one day dreaming of being like the heroes he wrote about. His parents encouraged him to explore his imaginative pursuits, but cautioned him to remain focused on his school work rather than getting lost in his dreams.

Steve discovered a mysterious cave on his way home from school. After exploring its tunnels and finding the Adventurer's Tunic, a relic passed down between the interdimensional heroes that came before him, Steve finally encountered the Checkpoint - an ancient network of portals, with each one leading to different Dimensions across the Multiverse.

After being greeted by a hologram of the Cosmic Princess, and meeting her robotic creation G.U.I.D.O, Steve was tasked with exploring the Multiverse and helping its many citizens.

As Steve and G.U.I.D.O journeyed across the Multiverse, he was pursued by Mesa - a vicious warlord and the creator of the Checkpoint itself. Seeking G.U.I.D.O to discover the location of the Cosmic Princess, Mesa proved to be a formidable foe. Despite this, Steve came out on top during their many battles.

Steve continues to aid the people of the Multiverse, save his friends from danger and defeat menacing monsters - displaying all the traits of the “Bravest Adventurer in the Multiverse”!